…a selection of standing customers  with continuously co-operation.

METEK GmbH Elmshorn    METEK GmbH > meteorological measuring systems

Schoenrock Schiffstechnik  SCHOENROCK GmbH > ship doors – ship technique

HSK Palettiertechnik GmbH    HSK Palettiertechnik GmbH > industrial plants and automation engineering

Tecno Plast GmbH    Tecno Plast Industrietechnik GmbH > single-use systems pharmaceutical industry

aerodyn Windkraftanlagen SCD-Technologie   aerodyn engineering GmbH > wind turbine plants > SCD Technologie > Nezzy²

Ueberall GmbH UV-Sterilizer   UEBERALL GmbH > UV water sterilizer – filter units

     Comet YXLON GmbH > x-ray – material test units

Aquatec Watermaker    AQUATEC watermaker GmbH > seawater salt removal units

     FERCHAU  GmbH > Engineering- and IT-Service